Over the past 15 years, Peak Performance in NYC was considered one of the top gyms in the US and was known as being a hub for educating fitness professionals from around the globe. During that time, many of the industries' top health and fitness educators taught live seminars and/or recorded webinars for the Peak Performance staff. Up until now, this library of content was only available for the trainers working at Peak. And even though Peak, the gym, is no longer open, I knew this information was too valuable to not make it available for other fitness professionals. As a result, I have decided to create Peak Perform University.

My goal is to make Peak Perform University one of the premier online educational platforms for fitness professionals seeking high-quality content taught by leading experts in health and fitness. Not only will this information help expand your knowledge base so you can take your clients to the next level but it will also provide you with the convenience of learning at your own pace. 

I hope you enjoy the curriculum,

Joe Dowdell