FAQs for Peak Perform University courses

1. What kind of courses are these?

  • These highly curated courses are designed for busy fitness professionals who are looking for ways to increase their knowledge in various areas of study without having to travel to do so.

2. Do you offer a refund?

  • No, once you sign up for the course and pay for it, all sales are final.

3. Do all of the videos and quizzes have to be completed in the order?

  • Most courses have just one quiz but for the courses that have multiple quizzes, they should be completed in order.

4. How long is each course?

  • The course length varies from course to course but most of the courses are about an hour long.
  • There are several courses that are 3-4 hours in duration as well as two courses which are between 7-11 hours.

5. What if I don’t pass the course?

  • The passing grade for all quizzes is 80%.
  • You get two attempts to pass each quiz.
  • If you are unsuccessful, there is a $15.00 retake fee for each time invoiced to you through Stripe.

6. Are there pre-requisites?

  • There are no prerequisites for any of these courses but it is highly recommended that you have at least one nationally recognized training certification (i.e., NSCA, ACSM, NASM, ISSA, ACE, etc.) under your belt &/or a bachelor’s degree in exercise science.

7. What are the benefits of your courses?

  • First of all, one of the main benefits is that many of the instructors are not only highly regarded experts in the health & fitness space but the majority of them don’t regularly offer seminars as they are busy working with their respective clients/patients so having this unique chance to learn from them is rare.
  • Secondly, the obvious benefit will be an increase in knowledge on whatever topic is being covered in the seminar or webinar but also each course will provide you with continuing education credits through the NSCA.

8. Why do two courses not have a slide presentation PDF?

  • Unfortunately, we were unable to secure two of the slide presentations so we apologize in advance. As a result, we have discounted that course slightly for the inconvenience

9. Why do a few slides in the downloadable PDF appear to be incomplete or missing information?

  • Unfortunately, if an instructor shows a short video inside a slide presentation it will not save to a PDF so you will get something like a big X on the page.