Personal Trainer | Critical Thinking & Science Skills Course

Critical Thinking and Reading Science for Personal Trainers

taught by Justin Kompf, MS, CSCS
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Justin  Kompf, MS, CSCS
Justin Kompf, MS, CSCS

About the instructor

Justin Kompf is a certified personal trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist. From 2013 to 2017 he served as the head strength and conditioning coach at the State University of New York at Cortland. He also worked as a lecturer in the Kinesiology department at Cortland. Justin is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in health and exercise sciences at the University of Massachusetts at Boston where he is studying health behavior change. Along with teaching and coaching, Justin has published papers in Sports Medicine and the Strength and Conditioning Journal.

Course Description

Justin explains how to boost the quality of your service while yielding better results and gaining more respect throughout the industry through the skill of critical thinking. Not everything you hear or read is true, especially in the world of health and fitness. In one bold quote, Justin will make you think twice about the research you’re soon to encounter: “Think like a scientist, act like a trainer, and speak like a client.”

Course Contents

2 Videos
1 Quiz